Salt River Flow
To look up the Salt river flow one needs to know some back ground. The salt river is controlled by SRP (Salt River Project). The second to last dam in the chain is Stewart Mountin which creates Saguaro Lake [reservoir]. It is the “reservoir release” of water from Stewart Mnt that gives the salt river flow. So in the daily SRP water report you look under “reservoir release” from stewart mnt and this is the lower salt river flow. Bartlett is the Verde flow. The Verde River runs into the salt river at Phon Sutton. So the total of the two is the salt flow from the confluence at Phon Sutton and below. When the Verde flow is up, there is a lot of turbulence at the confluence. You need to be VERY carful while diving in this area. CLICK ON THE CURRENT RIVER FLOW LINK AND SCROLL DOWN TO “RESERVOIR RELEASE”.

Current River Flow